Roster For FOG:

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Team Manager: Eric Toriumi
Team Coach: Steve Colen
Name Position Jersey # Bats / Throws PITCHING ELIGIBILITY
Carlson, Tom IF, OF   0   L/L  
Catania-SUB, Drew P, C   000   R/R  
Chyna, Mark OF, C   28   R/R  
Colen, Rick IF, OF   25   R/R  
Colen, Steve OF, IF   0   R/R  
Day, Rob IF, OF   0   R/R  
Feld-SUB, Jeff IF, P   8   L/R  
Fox, Ken OF, 1B   3   L/L  
Gerry-SUB, Gerry OF   0   L/L  
Jaworski-SUB, Paul IF, P, C   0   R/R  
Kraabel, Andrew 1B   4   R/R  
Langsam, Alan IF, OF   00   R/R  
Lisberg, Mike   0   L/L  
Moulchin, John P   00   L/R  
Novoselsky, Brent C, 1B   85   R/R  
Quoss, Bill P, 1B   00   L/L  
Runnels, Ted OF   0   R/R  
Toriumi, Eric SS, 3B, P   24   R/R  
Trojan, Jim P, U   0   R/R  
Walter, Brian C, 3B   0   R/R